Our vision is a world where consumers with disabilities, have the same experiences as everyone else.

About Us

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 Ainslee Hooper BA (Hons), Founder of Accessability Business Consulting is an Anthropologist (Deakin University, 2015) with a lived experience of disability having been born with Spina Bifida. We have a team of professionals in specialised areas such business consulting and access consulting at the ready to ensure we are providing a holistic experience to our customers, so you can provide a holistic experience to yours. 

Our Approach

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At Accessability Business Consulting, we view accessibility as holistic. It is no longer just about the physical access. Accessibility starts from the moment your consumer enters your business or interacts with your business online. We provide your business with a 30-minute free consult to identify any opportunities to increase profitability. If needed,  we will then design a plan to of strategies to help your business achieve these goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you. 

Beyond the pink door

My life living with a disability.

What do we mean by holistic?

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  You may be asking: what do we mean by holistic?  To look at something through a holistic lense, is to look at all the moving parts of the whole.  Therefore we envision accessibility to be holisticc as all the moving parts of your business influence accessibility,  Examining your business in this way provides you with the ability to increase profits and provide your consumers with the best experience. 


Why do we use Anthropology?

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We are often asked why we use Anthropology in business consulting. Anthropology is the study of human kind. It helps us understand each other, appreciate our similarities and  our uniqueness.  Accessability Business Consulting uses anthropology to help businesses understand what it is that clients need for a fully accessible experience.  

Want to know more?

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Just like every individual's needs are different, we understand that every business is different. Therefore we tailor a package that is suited to your particular situation.  Contact us today for a 30 minute free consultation so we can work out a package that's right for your business. 

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