Helping businesses see beyond the usual, providing a holistic approach to disability access.

Welcome to Accessability Business Consulting


Hi, my name is Ainslee Hooper BA (Hons). 

I work with disability service providers in the Geelong area to help them understand their customers wants and needs on an individual level. I’m the best person for this because of two reasons:

I have a lived experience of disability having been born with Spina Bifida and am  a wheelchair user.

I’m also a qualified Anthropologist.

Why are both of these things so important?

My lived experience of disability provides me with the insight to be able to connect with your consumers through a shared understanding of living and navigating the world with a disability.

Being a qualified Anthropologist, I have the ability to help your business better understand your customers' individual wants and needs, as well as helping them to understand your business so that you can better serve them.



Our service includes an  initial consult to help identify gaps and opportunities.  This consult will include a high level plan detailing milestones and a summary of business needs. Once we have agreed on your business needs, you will be provided with a contract with all the finer details. That’s how we ensure your success.

Why Us?


With anthropological insight, Ainslee understands that improvement can only arise from a mutual understanding of needs and abilities. When we team up with your business, we’ll create a plan with you that is individual to your needs, and we will remain with you every step of the way. 

Our Vision


  At Accessability Business Consulting our vision is to help foster an understanding between businesses and your consumers living with a disability through the use of anthropology, so the consumer experience is the best it can be. We will help your business understand your client’s needs, as well as helping them to understand what your business offers. Understanding the needs of your consumers will identify room for growth for your business.

What is Anthropology?


Anthropology in the simplest terms,  is the study of human kind. Anthropology examines what it is that makes us who we are.  It helps us understand each other, appreciate our similarities and  our uniqueness. Anthropology also explores how we exist and think about the world in which we live. Accessability Business Consulting uses anthropology to help businesses understand what it is that clients expect and how they individually use services.

Contact us for your customised free quote


Just like every individual's needs are different, we understand that every business is different. Therefore we tailor a package that is suited to your particular situation.  Contact us today for a 45 minute free consultation where we work out a package that will access your ability to provide the best service possible to your consumers 

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